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Help us level the playing field!

Yearly, over 48M youth and high school sports athletes spend countless hours participating in one of the many team or individual organized sports our country has to offer - all creating sport video content and most without an organized place to meaningfully engage with said content. Parents endlessly scroll through their iPads to find the amazing play their kid performed last year in order to show grandma, often without any luck. Athletes spend countless hours sifting through footage and apps in order to create a “good enough” highlight to send to a recruiter. Coaches spend time and energy trying to muster up the funds to afford expensive and convoluted team video platforms. And leagues and schools spend huge portions of their often meager sports budgets on complicated video solutions that are then underutilized due to their complexity.

There is currently no sports video solution that satisfies the needs of all athletes, coaches, fans and parents at a price point that is accessible to everyone, until Varsity Hype. At Varsity Hype, we know that not all sports are created equal and not all competition levels have the same video and technology needs, that is why we have created a robust and affordable cloud-based solution that empowers all users to create, interact, communicate, share and analyze their sports video content in exciting and meaningful ways. Join the Varsity Hype team and help us level the playing field!


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